Morality types

Been a while. Not many ideas, even less time.

One of the things in arguments, especially on internet, is accusing of "moral relativism". And arguments on what exactly that is. So here are some thoughts.

Morality is the rules that a society has for its members. Some are codified into laws, usually the more serious. But laws give power to rulers/governments so people are understandably wary of having too many.
Others are part of the culture and enforced through social action/capital.

There are many societies and there have been even more. They have had different rules. But the more simple and basic rules have been shared across the societies.

"Objective morality" - the basic rules are self evident and right for all societies. Any society that does not enforce them is immoral.

"Moral relativism" - rules are shared only because people and their modes of living are highly similar due to biology. Judging a society from outside its own moral code is not an act of morality but an act of politics or power relations.